Why choose BIDH?

BIDH dental center of Thailand is one of the leading dental providers for dental implants, oral surgeries, bangkok cosmetic dentistry, orthodontic bangkok braces and pedodontics. As a specialized dental hospital, BIDH has a top team of dental specialists. It is part of Thailand’s award-winning dental provider group.

Tour of BIDH Digital Dental Lab

Our dental center of Thailand has an digitalized teeth laboratory within our dental hospital to customized dental implant abutments and all ceramic crowns and bridges.

For our patients, this allows for faster treatment completion for their dental implant teeth, better precision of fit to gum margin as the angulations is milled for you and higher strength natural-looking ceramic crowns and bridges with highly skilled lab technicians within the same building on fabricating your teeth works.

BIDH Digital Dental lab Video

Specialized Operating Theatre for Dentistry

The operating theatre of BIDH dental hospital has been specifically designed for dentistry and oral surgery treatments. Designed and equipped from the start with Joint Commission International (JCI) sterilization and patient safety process flow, our operating theatre follows protocols managed by registered nurses. Sleep dentistry is done in conjunction only with licensed anaesthesiologist.

BIDH Operating Theatre Video

Tour of BIDH Thailand Dental Clinic

BIDH differs from other dental clinics and general hospitals because it specializes on dental implants and oral surgery with sedation dentistry.

Our bangkok dental hospital also supports dentistry advancements on new developments and dental techniques. We hosts dental training couses and is an institute of excellence for dentistry.

BIDH Facilities and Introductory Video

Ask leading dental specialists

Select the leading implant dentists and oral surgeons in Thailand. Get a complimentary consult at BIDH dental center of Thailand.