conditions for Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth or teeth requiring extraction and removal, dental implants is an ideal treatment option to replace your teeth permanently. Types of conditions that dental implants can replace include:

  1. Single missing tooth
  2. Several missing teeth in several areas or together in one row
  3. All missing teeth over jaw or edentulous jaw wearing full dentures
  4. Poor prongoses teeth from gum disease leading to loose teeth or significantly damaged teeth from chipping, mishap that can no longer be restored

Single Missing Tooth

missing gap

Single tooth that has been extracted may be replaced with a dental implant crown. Missing tooth should be replaced to prevent bone loss and surrounding teeth from shifting into the gap that can cause crooked teeth will be more complicated to resolve.

Several Missing Tooth

missing gaps

If there are 3 or more missing teeth together in one area, dental implant bridges replace missing gaps with less implant posts for cost savings. 3 missing gaps is replaced with 2 implants and 3-unit-bridge or for front 4 missing teeth may be replaced with 2 impants and 4-unit-bridge.

All Missing Tooth

no teeth

If you are wearing conventional full dentures, dental implants can better improve your quality of life on chewing, speaking and appearance. Full jaw missing teeth can be treated with implant-supported dentures, All-on-4 or full jaw dental bridges.

Poor PrognosesTeeth

gum recesssion

Severe gum diseases can cause recession that make teeth loose requiring teeth to be replaced. Significantly worn down, damaged or chipped teeth that can no longer be restored may be treated with dental implants.

Thailand Dental Implants Options

To treat missing teeth or soon-to-be missing teeth, below are dental implant treatment options that you may discuss with your implant dental specialist.

  1. Dental implant crown
  2. Dental implant bridge
  3. Implant-supported dentures
  4. All-on-4 or All-on-6 hybrid bridge or fixed dentures

Implant Crown

Dental Implant Crown

The implant posts acts as a tooth root. A crown acts as the new tooth screwed ito the implant post to replace a single missing tooth.

Implant Bridge

Implant Bridges

2 implants are placed to act as anchor tooth roots. A dental bridge is placed over implant posts to replace several missing teeth between the implant posts.

Implant Dentures

Implant Dentures

Full dentures is snaps or clicks onto 2 to 4 implant posts that acts as anchorage to securely hold dentures in place to prevent it from slipping and sliding.

Implant Hybrid Denture

All-on-4 or All-on-6

4 to 6 implants are placed on endentulous jaw with posterior implants tilted at an angle to maximize use of bone grasp at anterior front area.

Dental Implants methodology

You may have heard several terminalogy with regards to dental implant treatment procedure and methodology.

  1. Conventional implants done for majority of standard cases
  2. Teeth in a day or immediate function implants
  3. Same day implants or immediate implants

Each of the above terms can sound simliar but they are meant for different scenarios and teeth condition that may or may not apply to you. Some of these terms are meant for full jaw missing teeth or only applies if you still have an existing teeth requiring removal.

Learn more on thailand dental implants methodology:

Conventional implants

thailand dental implants

For the vast majority of cases (single, several or full mouth missing teeth), conventional implants are the preferred and recommended implant methodology procedure technique. Thailand dental implants are done in phases and healing time of 2 to 6 months is left for your jaw bone and implant posts to integrate and heal. Conventional implants is stable, established and provides for good success rates and outcome.

Teeth in a day

same day implants

Teeth in a day commonly applies to all missing teeth or one single implant cases. The immediate function implant procedure refers to having dental implant posts placed and its prosthese (crown or hybrid dentures) placed over the implant posts shortly after implant post placement. Patients have teeth and false teeth in one phase or within one trip. The teeth-in-one-day process is for selected cases. A second phase on changing the provisional first teeth set with a long-lasting second teeth set is normally required after a healing period.

Same day implants

tooth implant procedure

Same day implants or immediate implants apply only to indiviuals that still have existing teeth. This process refers to having poor prognoses teeth extracted and the dental implant posts placed on during the same surgical setting. Immediate implants is selective and done only for cases that have no infection at the extracted area during tooth removal and with sufficient bone.

After same day implants, it is normally left to heal for a period of 2 to 3 months before your prosthese (crown, bridge or denture) is loaded and implant treatent completed.

Dental Implants Brands

The costs of your dental implants in Thailand will depend on your bone condition, number of dental implants required, your chosen implant prosthese and options. Aside from your recommended and chosen treatment plan specific to your case, the dental implant system brand and range you choose will also make a difference in your overall treatment fees. At BIDH dental implant clinic, there are 3 brands that is commonly opted by patients here and worldwide

  1. P-I Brånemark implants from Sweden
  2. Straumann implants from Switzerland
  3. SIC Invent implants (Schilli Implantology Circle from Switzerland)

P-I Brånemark


The Brånemark Osseointegration Center (BOC), named after its founder, was founded in 1989 in Gothenburg, Sweden. P-I Brånemark implants combine geometric characteristics associated with minimal surgical protocols allowing for easier and simplified implant treated.



Straumann implants boasts one of the world’s highest success rates based on historical clinical studies over the past 20 years making it a reliable and one of the world’s most popular premium implant brands. Its implant ranges include standard SLA implants and active SLActive or BLX implants.

SIC Invent


Schilli Implantology Circle, SIC implants is developed by team of Swiss implantologist that has combined years of clinical studies and research to fabricate a superior implant system. Manufactured in switzerland with quality based materials, its ranges include standard and active surface implants.

There are are also other brands and range of dental implants on the global markets. You are able to learn more on Thailand dental implants with each brand at bangkok dental implant website.

Thailand Dental Implants Price

The costs of dental implants normally divided into 2 phases for conventional implants or immediate load implants. To get your total thailand dental implant treatment costs, you will normally need to add up both stages of your procedure.

implant post surgery

First phase – implant post surgial placement

  1. Panoramic x-ray and CT Scan
  2. Bonegraftng (if required)
  3. Sedation (if required)
  4. Dental implant posts + healing abutment  that will include local anesthesia already in cost of implant package
crown over implant

Second Phase – prosthese over implant

  1. Panoramic x-ray for re-check
  2. Prosthses or false teeth attached to implant post

Dental Implant Process

Watch how dental implants treatment are done at BIDH dental hospital. During your intial visit, consultation and dental imaging is first done to determine the positioning and placement of implants. BIDH dental hospital is one of the few dental providers in Thailand with its own dedicated digital on-site dental lab to customized abutments and zirconia crowns over implants.  

How-to Dental Implant Videos

dental Implant Clinic

Why should you choose BIDH dental implant clinic for your dental implants?

Top Dental Implantologists

BIDH implantologists and prosthodontists are amongst the top dental specialists in Thailand. All our implantoloigsts have more than 10 years of experience in their field of expertise. The majority of implant dentists are board certified from Germany, UK or USA. Many of them are also lecturers or professors at top dental school universities in Thailand who teach other local dentists on advance implant techniques. Our dentists treats full mouth rehabilitation, complex and advance implant technique cases for both our international patients and local resident community.

BIDH dental hospital is a training institute having hosted advance implant technique training sessions to dentists across Thailand. It has colloborates with local universities as a center of excellence in dentistry.

Leading Dental Implant Clinic in Thailand

BIDH dental implant clinic is one of the leading dental implant center. Its team of dental implant specialists has treated hundreds of thousands of dental implant cases ranging for single to numerous full mouth implant cases including with bonegrafts. BIDH’s dental team is won awards as a preferred provider in Thailand for Straumann implants. Our implantologist team composes of ITI (International Team of Implantolgy) scholar and lead speakers.

Our dental center surpasses the global implant surivial rates for dental implant treatments. With a success rate of more than 95%, our leading implant center uses reliable implant systems from Switzerland and Sweden/USA with top specialists at an affordable rate.

Digitalized Dental Implant Lab

BIDH and its dental group is one of the first dental center in Thailand our own on-site full-fledged digital dental implant lab. Our dental implant digital flow starts from digitalized x-rays, computerized placement planning, 3D printing of surgical template for your first stage implant. And intra-oral scans to CAD/CAM design and milling of your abutment and all ceramic crowns for your second stage implant.

We are one of the few dental clinics able to customized your Straumann abutments with high-gloss quality based all ceramic zirconia crowns at any angulation for precision fit and attaining an optimal aesthetics prostheses outcome.

Having an on-site lab enables faster labwork deliver for shorter treatment timings. It also provides for quality controls on teeth appearance. Your prosthodontist is able to specify and adjust your teeth color aesthetics (shape, size, color of teeth) to the lab technician directly. You are able to have chairside selection and adjustments made.

Pain-free and Worry-free Sedation Options

If you are anxious or fearful of pain and dentistry, BIDH dental hospital offers dental sedation services with general anaesthesia or sleep dentistry. You will not have any re-collection of your implant oral surgery treatment.

BIDH also offers moderate IV sedation whereby you are placed in a semi-concious relaxed state for dental treatments that you need to be awake. Pain control medications and anesthesia is controlled, monitored, adjusted and checked during the whole process by a licensed anaesthesiologist doctor and registered nurses.

Hospital based Standards 

As a hospital, strict and high controls on sterilization, infection prevent and control is a mandatory part and at heart of our operations. BIDH thailand dental center is not just a hospital but a specialty hospital for dentistry. Our dental building has been designed from planning phase as a dental hospital with suction systems, facilities and technologies to cater for dental treatments. We follow international standards by Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Standard Organization (ISO) as protocols within our daily operations.

BIDH is one of Thailand’s first offical dental hospital.

Award-winning Dental Network Group

BIDH dental hospital is part of Thailand’s largest and trusted dental network group in Thailand listed on the stock exchange of Thailand. Our management and reporting system abides by public and transparent reporting systems on governances. Our dental clinc network group manages award-winning dental clinics and centers in Bangkok, Chiang mai and Phuket.

Established for more than over a decade, coming to BIDH dental hospital means you receive the best of dental resources, know-how and skills pulled together within the dental sector by our dental group.

Dental reviews of Patients at BIDH Dental Hospital

“The dental hospital has gotten very positive reviews online… The services I was receiving was very high quality…

I had some extractions and 4 implants. My main positive experience to highlight here was the ability of the physician to look at my unique situation as a person that doesn’t live in Thailand. There was a timeline that I needed to meet and they made it happen”

For individuals with dental anxiety and dental fear, BIDH offers sedation dentistry.

” I came and they have been absolutely amazing! They are much more thoughtful and takes the procedure very seriously.”

Case Gallery of Dental Implant

case dental implants bidh
case dental implants

Photo Credit : Dentist in Thailand (more)

*Disclaimer: The above is for illustrative purposes, results of treatment do varies from one individual to another  

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Dental Implants Summary

Dental implants replace missing teeth for a single tooth, multiple teeth or for full jaw. Fixed implant treatment options for missing teeth include dental implant crown, dental implant bridges and all-on-4 or al-on-6 implants with hybrid dentures. Removable and economical implant replacement treatment options include implant-supported dentures. The chosen option will depend on your expected end prosthese outcome, current bone condition and budget.

Conventional implants is the standard implant treatment procedure methology. Dental implants are done in 2 phases with a healing osseointgration period of about 2 to 6 months. Teeth in a day and same day implants are concepts applying to ony selective cases.

Within dental implants, there are various implant brands and ranges. In Thailand, the total cost of your tooth implant varies not just with your recommend plan but also chosen implant system. Implant brands differs in the clinical studies, materials and quality controls during manfacturing. At BIDH dental implant clinic, our implantologists uses only top reliable implants for better assurance on success rates and ease of maintenance especially to international patients whereby your local dentists will be familiar with these systems.

BIDH dental hospital in one of Thailand’s leading dental implant center. It has a one of the best team of implant dentists and prosthodontists within the country. Differientiation strength areas for BIDH include having has its own on-site dedicated dental laboratory that fabricates your implant prosthese and customized abutments for faster treatments and offering sedation dentistry for pain-free dental treatment. As a hospital, it specializes in the core area of dentistry following international sterilization, infection prevent and quality standards. With its numerous levarages, BIDH and its group has therefore received numerous awards for its providing oustanding dental treatment services.