All-on-4/ProArch Dental Treatments

What is All-on-4/ProArch dental implants?

ProArch (patented name by Straumann) dental implants system is a fixed alternative to full dentures or implant supported dentures. With traditional full dentures, prosthese slip and slide easily. All-on-4 / ProArch is screwed by your implantologists, so your prosheses will require a professional to remove and maintain its cleanliness.

With the All-on-4 / ProArch concept, all missing teeth on a jaw is replaced by four dental implants. The back 2 implants are tilted at 45 degrees. Tilting the posterior implants maximizes the use of front anterior bone. It helps overcome bone loss deficiencies that commonly occurs at your posterior jaw regions that may need bone grafts should they be placed in a straight 90 degrees angle.

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What is the Difference between All-on-4 and ProArch?

All-On-4 treatment concept provides edentulous and soon-to-be edentulous patients with an efficeint restoration using four implants to support an immediately delivered full-arch fixed hybrid denture or hybrid bridge. The concept is especially beneficial to individuals who has always had teeth and needs to transition tramatically or suddenly to having no teeth. The original implant system for the immediate fixed dentures treatment is by Nobel Biocare that coined the term All-on-4 dental implant procedure. The original concept involves placement of 4 implant posts.

ProArch dental implants by Straumann uses the same concept on immediacy implants with hybrid dentures. However, Pro arch does not advocate the need to tilt posterior implants and it does not limit itself to 4 implants on each jaw. Instead, the Pro arch concept provides immedicay premium component tools (including titled abutments), SLActive surface and bone level BLX implants, biomaterial membranes to ensure implants can securely integrate as safely and as quickly as possible for the instant placement of prostheses.

Nobel Biocare and Straumann are the world’s top 2 dental implants system companies. Patients are typically recommended to opt for these 2 implant brands when looking at immediate function full jaw implants because they have founded researched and established case results over the past 10 years that assures patients of successful treatment over the long-run.

On January 2022, the distribution of Nobel Biocare implants into Thailand was ceased. Therefore starting from 2022 onwards, the dental implant brand used for most All-On-4 / ProArch in Thailand is mainly Straumann implants. Many dental clinics however do use other 3rd party implant brands from Israel, Brazil, Korea for its All-On-4 / ProArch treatments to provides for more economical treatment costs. AT BIDH dental hospital, our implantologists and specialist still advocates the use of Straumann implants or alternative SIC implants from Switzerland due to its quality-based standards to enable high success rates and reduce risks. 

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ProArch® implant ranges within Nobel Biocare

Titanium SLActive

Roxolid SLActive (Preferred)

BLX SLActive

All-on-4 dental versus Implant Dentures and Full Implant Bridges

All-on-4 / ProArch s a fixed full arch missing teeth. Like dental implant with full bridges, the final prosthese (hybrid overdenture) is securely fixed onto the dental implants posts. The prostheses sits on your gums on implant posts and can only be removed by your dentist. To clean under the hybrid denture / bridge, a waterpik is used to maintain good cleanliness daily. You need to make periodically visits with your dentist to professionally remove the hybrid bridge /denture to clean under the prothese for long-term results.

The all-on-four or ProArch option uses as much front anterior bone that is typically dense, therefore wiht this full arch implant solution, bonegrafts may not be required. Unlike dental implant bridges, your implantologist will need to position place your implant posts at precise postions to ensure that any upper or lower adjacent teeth have proper bite and occlusion. Dental implant brridges requires sufficient bone height and density in a specific position for implant placement simliar to having new set of tooth roots at each tooth area with dental bridges fitted over. For the all-on-4 option, the positioning of the 4 dental implant posts for the may be chosen to be placed on best possible region with sufficient bone.

Another benefit for all-on-4 / ProArch is its known as an immediate load implant or immediate function solution. Unlike implant supported dentures or full dental implant bridges, these full jaw options uses a conventional implant procedure whereby prosthese are finalized and placed over implant posts in 2 phases after a healing period of about 2 ot 6 months. For the All-on-4 dental implants, it may be that you will have a fixed set of hybrid dentures/ bridges in 1 phase. However, as a protocol and for almost all cases, the first hybrid dentures/ bridges prosthese will almost need to be changed to a second more permanent set of hybrid dentures/ bridges at a later period.

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Full Dentures

  • Most economical and affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Slips and slides and may need denture glue and constant adjustments
  • Removable prostheses

All-on-4 dental implants

  • Hybrid dentures/ bridges is fitted immediately during implant post placement. Hence, you have teeth at all times
  • Shorter treatment times
  • Will require deliberate effort to clean under the dentures daily to ensure that there is no food trapped under the prostheses. You will need to go to your dentist or prosthodontist to get a professional clean periodically in order to preserve healthy bone and gums.
  • First set provisional hybrid bridges/ dentures will likely need replacement or adjustment over the long run.

Full Implant Bridges

  • Ideal solution similar to having a new set of teeth. Each impost post acts as new tooth roots with a porcelain bridges securely fitted
  • Ability for good chew function similiar to natural teeth
  • Fixed prostheses that is easy to clean without effort like new teeth.
  • Although this option may be the preferred replacemen, it is the most expensive full arch implant option.
  • You will require good bone condition to positions implants at various areas.

Implant Dentures

  • Least costly full arch implant solution. It costs less than All-on-4 dental implants and implant-supported bridges.
  • Provides improved retention relative to full dentures
  • It is till a removable prosthese and like dentures and All-on-4 will still require management and control when chewing and biting.

Edentulous Jaw – Full Arch Missing Teeth

The all-on-4, all-on-5 or All-on-5 immediate function concept for edentulous jaw is first developed Nobel Biocare. Our dental implant dentists at BIDH had used Nobel Biocare’s premium range NobelActive implants for its All-on-one fixed prosthese concept. 

ProArch is Straumann’s immediate function edentulous jaw fixed prosthese option. At BIDH dental implant center, our dentists uses Roxolid SLActive or BLX implants for ProArch immediacy concepts. This is the default implant system used for immediate function implants since the pause on the distribution of Nobel Biocare implants into Thailand in January 2022.

AlL-on-4 Procedure

All-on-4 / ProArch dental treatment is an teeth in a day immediate function implant procedure. Implant treatment is done in one phase in a single trip. Therefore you are with implants and prostheses after treatment.

Below are the implant procedure steps for All-on-4 / ProArch with hybrid dentures:

  1. Oral examination, x-rays, CT Scan and treatment plan
  2. Prepartory impression taking for surgical guide or provisional hybrid dentures
  3. During day of surgery, teeth extraction and bonegrafts (if required) is done with first stage implant post placement.
  4. Teeth impression taking is done during same day after surgery or the next day. A hybrid denture framework is tried on and teeth are built over the framework during next consecutive visits.

The hybrid prostheses over All-on-4 / ProArch is sometimes called a hybrid bridge or a hybrid denture. Essentially both are referring to the same prosthese that is a one piece framework with false teeth. For the majority of All-on-4 dental implant cases, your first set of hybrid bridge is normally all acrylic. An all acrylic hybrid bridge is lighter that places less stress and load on your newly placed implant posts.

Usually after a certain period of healing time of around 6 months or more, your all acrylic hybrid bridge is recommended to be changed to a longer-term acrylic metal frame bridge. The acrylic metal frame hybrid bridge has a metallic internal structure so you are able to have better chew ability.

There may be exceptional cases whereby your implantologist or oral surgeon has planned for immediate function All-on-4 / ProArch implants but the actual unveiled bone condition is in an insufficient state then expected, the immediate attachment of your hybrid bridge will be recommended to be delayed. For such instances, a temporary removable full denture is worn and left to heal for about 6 months or more before returning to have the acyrlic metal frame bridge loaded over the implant posts.

Our implantologists and oral surgeons at BIDH bangkok dental hospital are well experienced advance technique specialists. They have treated and seen many full mouth implant cases over the course of more than 10 years. To ensure that your implants are successful, they may make recommended changes in your treatment plan should they see actual conditions differing. Although technologies are advanced and well developed, bone density may not be picked up without a physical touch and feel. In most cases, implant treatment follows treatment plans and all-on-4 / ProArch cost without issues.

What is All-on-4 cost?

BIDH dental hospital offers all-on-4 dental implants prices as a package. The all-on-4 cost package includes local anesthesia and implant surgery fees and all acyrlic hybrid bridge. There are 2 main implant systems offered:

  1. ProArch Straumann system using SLActive implants
  2. ProArch Straumann system using BLX implants

Straumann BLX is a higher specification of immediate load Straumann implants. These premium top range implants has added surfaces and threads that improves the osseointegration between your bone and the implant posts.

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Immediate Function All-on-4 with hybrid all acyrlic bridge

  1. Panoramic x-ray and CT Scan
  2. Bonegraftng (if required)
  3. Sedation (if required)
  4. 4 implants + 2 abutments + 2 angled abutments + all acyrlic overdentures + local anaesthesia

Conversion of hybrid all acyrlic bridge to hybrid metal frame bridge (Optional)

  1. Panoramic x-ray
  2. 2 abutments + 2 angled abutments + metal frame overdentures

Number of implants for All-on concept – 4,5 or 6 implants?

When reading about All-on-4 / ProArch dental treatment, you may sometimes hear about All-on-5, All-on-6 or All-on-one implants. For All-on-5 implants, this refers to having 5 implants in the jaw, 3 implants placed at the front and 2 posterior implants tilted at 45 degrees. Similiarly for All-on-6, 6 implants are placed with 4 implants at the front jaw and 2 back implants tilted at 45 degrees. All-on-one is a term that some individuals use to refer to having all teeth replaced in one go and can mean All on 4, All on 5 and All on 6 implants.

Whether your implant dentists or oral surgeon recommends 4,5 or 6 implants will depend factors such as on your bone condition, bite load or expected end prosthetics. Upper jaws normally require more implants of 5 to 6 where possible up to biting down force as compared to lower jaw that may require 4 implants. If your expected planned end prosthese is for a hybrid porcelain bridge, 5 or 6 implants may be recommended in order to take the additional weight of your the metallic and porcelain protheses. You may need to take into consideration addtional implant posts in your all-on-4 cost totals.

Type of hybrid bridges over All-on-4 dental implants

There are 3 basic types of hybrid bridges or dentures for all-on-4 / ProArch dental implants:

  1. All acrylic hybrid dentures
  2. Acrylic metal frame hybrid dentures
  3. Porcelain metal frame hybrid dentures

Your first set of hybrid protheses is normally an all acyrlic one. It is light so there is less loading pressure over your newly placed implants. This gives your bone time to heal and fuse with the implant posts.

You are able to use the all acyrlic hybrid dentures for as long as it functions properly for you. A longer-term acrylic metal frame hybrid dentures is normally made after a healing period of 6 months and more. The metal frame structure provides for higher strength and lasts longer.

Some individuals plan and convert from an all acrylic hybrid dentures to a porcelain metal frame hybrid dentures after their healing period. Porcelain metal frame hybrid dentures means that there is porcelain teeth placed over a metal framework structure. Therefore this type of protheses is not just strong, but provides for aesthetics and better chewing function. If your expected final prostheses is metal-frame porcelain based teeth, you will need to have sufficient anchorage implants to hold the weight and biting load. Your dentist normally inserts 5 or mores implants and end prosthese design, positioning and outcome is incorporated into your treatment plan at the start.

Before deciding if All-on-4 implants option is for you, you will also have to factor in your expected long-term end result prosthese in your all-on-4 cost treatment.

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Why should you choose BIDH thailand dental implant center for your dental implants?

best dentists

All our implantoloigsts have more than 10 years of experience in their field specialization. The majority of implant dentists are overseas certified from Germany, UK or USA. Many of them are lecturers at top dental school universities in Thailand. They teach other dentists on advance implant techniques. BIDH implantologists and prosthodontists are amongst the top dental specialists in Thailand. Our dentists treats single, multiple to full arch dental implants cases.

BIDH dental hospital supports dental training. Our dental hospital hosts peridontic implant technique training sessions to dentists across Thailand. It has colloborates with local universities as a center of excellence in dentistry.

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BIDH thailand dental implant center has one of the top team of implant dentists. Our team has treated hundreds of thousands of dental implants – single implant crowns, implant bridges to full mouth implant dentures and All-on-4 implants with bonegrafts. Our implantologist team composes of ITI (International Team of Implantolgy) scholar and lead speakers. Our dental clinic and team is won awards as a preferred provider for Straumann implants.

The implant success rate at our bangkok dental hospital boasts more than 95%, surpassing that of global benchmarks. Our leading implant center uses reliable implant systems from Switzerland and Sweden/USA with top specialists at an affordable rate.

pain free dental treatment

If you are anxious about having dental treatments or have a low tolerance for pain, BIDH dental hospital offers various sedation dentistry options. Pain control medications is controlled, monitored, adjusted and checked during the whole process by a licensed anaesthesiologist doctor and registered nurses.

You can choose mild sedation whereby you feel relaxed whilst still being awake; moderate sedation using IV whereby you are placed in a semi-concious but is still responsive; deep sedation at the edge of consciousness but may be still be awaken; or under general anaesthesia or sleep dentistry whereby you will not have any re-collection of your denta implant or oral surgery treatment.

tooth implant lab

We are one of the few dental clinics in thailand with our own on-site full-fledged digitalized dental implant lab. Our dental implant treatment procedures can and do use digitalized flow systems from digitalized x-rays, computerized implant planning, to 3D printing of surgical template for your first stage implant. During your second stage implant treatment. digital intra-oral scanners and CAD/CAM milling machines construct and fabricate your abutments and customized all ceramic crowns.

We can customized your Straumann abutments at any angulation for better precision fit and optimal teeth aesthetics. An on-site lab allows shorter treatment timings, better quality controls on your teeth appearance. Your prosthodontist is able to specify and adjust your teeth color aesthetics (shape, size, color of teeth) with your lab technician directly. Your false teeth therefore looks more natural like your real teeth.

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As a hospital, we abide by strict and high controls for infection prevention ad control. Sterilization quality and patient safety is a mandatory part of our operations.

BIDH thailand dental implant center is a specialty hospital. Our dental building is designed during its design phase as a dental hospital. Facilities, technologies, workflow systems to therefore catered specifically for dental treatments. We follow international standards. BIDH bangkok dental is one of Thailand’s first offical dental hospital.

trusted dental clinics

BIDH bangkok dental hospital is part of Thailand’s largest and trusted dental clinic network group in Thailand. We are listed on the stock exchange of Thailand with  a transparent systems for governances and treatment fees. All our prices are standardized and non-discriminatory. Our dental clinc network group manages award-winning dental clinics and centers in Bangkok, Chiang mai and Phuket.

Established for more than over a 15 years within the dental sector, our dental group pulls the best of dentistry resources, know-how and skills within our dental hospital, dental center and dental clinics.

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If you poor prognoses that need replacement, find out on All-on-4 cost and if it is suited for you.

Conclusions All-on-4 Cost and ProArch Implants

The all-on-4 dental implants or ProArch concept is popular as it replaces all missing teeth on an single arch immediately after implant surgical placemet. This allows a smoother transition for soon-to-be edentulous individuals. The All-on-4 / ProArch treatment concept has over 18 years of cumulative clinical studies with relatively good success rates. All-on-4 / ProArch tiltes axial implant use anterior bone. Hence it uses stable marginal bone evels and healthy soft tiisues. All-on-4 / ProArch prostheses is fixed for improved quality of life on function, look and speech. Dental implant is shorten as compared to conventional full bridge implants or implant supported dentures.

The All-on-4 cost / ProArch implant fees package at BIDH dental hospital include 4, 5 or 6 implants with abutments and an all acrylic hybrid bridge. Prices include implant surgery and local anesthesia. To obtain the full costs of implant treatment, there is a separate phase after a 6 months or more healing period that is optional to change your first set all acrylic hybrid bridge with a longer-term hybrid bridge (acyrlic metal-frame or a porcelain bridge).

Other tooth implant treatment options for missing teeth replacements are as below:

Implant Crown

Dental Implant Crown

  • Replace one missing tooth
  • Substitutes single missing teeth at different front or back

Implant Bridge

Implant Bridges

  • 3 missing teeth in a row front or back
  • 4 missing at the front area
  • Full bridges may be done to replace all missing teeth on arch

Implant Dentures

Implant Dentures

  • Solution for all missing teeth on jaw

Implant Hybrid Denture

All-on-4 or All-on-6

  • Immediate funcion for all missing teeth on jaw