Fear of dental Treatment

When you have a fear of dental treatment, your dentist will assess your level of anxiety to determine if this may be managed by close communications or if sedation dentistry may be your recommended option. If the cause of your dental stress and anxious may be resolved by working in close communication with you, your dentist may prescribe mild oral sedatives and talk you through the dental treatment process over several visits to prepare you for treatment.

Sedation dentistry refers to providing either oral medication, intravenous injections or gas to help individuals feel relaxed or to put them to sleep during dental procedures. If you fear of dental treatment is more deeply rooted, your dentist may then refer you for moderate or deep sedation using medications for alleviate your dental phobia.

When you need sedation dentistry?

Most individuals do not require any form of sedation dentistry during dental treatments. With today’s techologies and techniques, most dental treatments are painless, quick and simple. Dental appliances are now smaller, more precise and softer designed provide best comfort and non-invasion.

Some common reasons why you may need sedation dentistry include :

  1. Major or complex dental treatments. These include as jaw surgery, major block bonegrafts or complex surgical teeth removal and full mouth dental implants.
  2. Dental anxiety or dental fear. This can stem from a various of reasons. Some individuals just do not like the close proximity of their dentist into their space or probing into an area that they may be shy or conscious about. Learn more about managing dental anxiety or dental phobia.

Sedation dentistry may also be recommended or suited for individuals who:

  • Have a low pain threshold
  • Is unable to to still in the dental chair due to anxiety or panic
  • Have very sensitive teeth
  • Has bad gag reflex
  • Require a large amount of dental work completed

Strict patient safety and hospital-based standards are used at our dental hospital for sedation dentistry.

sedation dentistry options

The majority of individuals do not require use dental sedation and are well awake and feel normal during treatment. For dental implants and oral surgery treatments, local anaesthesia is administered for potential pain and discomfort during treatment.

There are 4 levels of dentistry sedation can be opted at BIDH thailand dental center as classified by American Society of Anesthesiologist (ASA) to overcome the fear for dental treatment :

  1. Mimimal sedation or sometimes called mild sedation.
  2. Moderate sedation using intravenous (IV) sedation.
  3. Deep sedation places you on the edge of consciousness but you can still be awakened.
  4. General anaesthesia or sleep dentistry.

Mimimal sedation

  • Anti-anxiety medications are taken prior to the start of treatment
  • It is also known as oral sedation.
  • You are awake but relaxed.
  • Our registered nurses and dentist monitors you at at our dental treatment room.

Moderate sedation

  • Intravenous (IV) sedation is done by injection by an anaesthesiologist.
  • Also known as conscious sedation or twilight sedation.
  • You are in a semi-conscious state whereby you are still able to response to your dentist whilst having treatment.You are able to slur words when speaking, but may not remember much of the procedure.
  • Our anaesthesiologist doctor and nurses monitors you at our dental treatment room.

Deep Sedation and GA

  • Sedative drugs may be administered intravenously and/or by gas.
  • It is also known as sleep dentistry.
  • You are placed at the edge of consciousness or into a deep sleep depending on the dosage of sedative drug induced.
  • Our anaesthesiologist doctor and nurses monitors you at our operating theatre.

Which level of sedation is suited for me?

The level of sedation recommended for your case will depend on various factors including health condition, needs and type of dental treatment. Your dentist will perform a first evaluation before referring to an anesthesiologist for further assessment.

For most oral surgical treatments, you can be placed to sleep without any re-collection of having dental treatment. The process is pain-free and you have no memory of any procedure occuring. There are however certain dental treatments types will require you to be conscious in order to obtain a natural clench bite or for you to confirm prostheses works is in a comfortable and correct position.

Sedative dentistry facilities

BIDH dental hospital provides for first class dental facilities for dental sedation services. We provide for a one-stop dental center with specialization dental clinics, nursing and in-patient care services as well as dental lab for processing of teeth prostheses. We try our best to make your comfortable and cater to individuals who have a fear of dental treatment with close care and monitoring.



For administration of medications

painless dental treatment

Operating Theatre

OR specially designed for oral surgery treatments and dentistry.

dental sedation care

Post Anesthesia Care Unit

PACU for monitoring post sedataion before discharge.

bangkok dental hospital

Patient Rooms

For overnight stay and major surgeries.

Dental SEdation cost

For first stage dental implant placement and teeth removal oral surgeries, the cost of standard dose of local anesthesia (LA) already inclusive in the cost of dental treatments. However if opting for sedation services or general anesthesia (GA) or for exceptional complex cases, the cost of sedation services is charged separately from the cost of the actual dental treatment procedure.

We welcome individuals without companions on overnight stay at our dental hospital should they require additional care. Families and companions may also make requests to stay along on request.

Pain-free dentistry dental clinic

Why should you choose BIDH thailand dental center for sedative dentistry?

Hospital-based Patient Safety Standards 

dental implant care

Having sedation dentistry assures on patient safety. As BIDH dental hospital is a licensed hospital, its sterilization and treatment standards surpasses that of a dental clinic. We abide by international patients safety goals and we have a quality team that specially manages, trains and monitors on quality, infection prevent and control indicators. This ensure our patients are professionally treated consistently.

Sedation can be a critical procedure. To assure that you are in safe hands, the safety standards of your selected medical provider and the qualifications of your doctors with a valid clear license is important that we verify for at our dental hospital.

Licensed Anesthesiologist and Registered Nurses


BIDH prides itself on having a top dental team. We select our dentists, doctors and nurses based on their certification and skilled experienced. Our anesthesiologist doctor is anesthesiologist board certified and our registerd nurses are instructed on emergency care.

Each of oral surgeons and implantologists at BIDH dental hospital has more than 10 years of experience. Many are international speakers and dental experts in their field of specializations who lecturers and trains other dentists within Thailand.

Specially Designed Operating Theatres for Dentistry and Oral Surgeries

sedation dentistry

Our operating theatre at BIDH dental hospital is specially designed for dentistry and oral surgeries. We following hospital standards on clean zones, sterilization and are fully-equipped for emergency situations with trained ACLS nurses.

As a specialist hospital, we focus solely on one medical area – excellence in dentistry. Part of Thailand’s largest and award-winning dental network group, we have consolidated know-how across the dental sector with first-rate resources to be the best at what we do.

One-Stop Dental Service Center

fear of dentist

Our sedation services, oral surgery and dental implant center is a one-stop dental center. We provide a weide full range of dental services engaging Thailand’s premier elites specialists.

BIDH dental hospital has its own dedicated on-site ceramic dental laboratory within its dental building. This shortern treatment timings as prostheses teeth work can be controlled, adjusted and delivered for you without queues. Regardless of surgical and aesthetic dental treatment. We service our patients as effiicent to the best of our abilities as possible.

complimentary consultation

Make an advance appointment for a treatment plan with our dentists or for sedation dentistry. Find out which sedation option might be suited for you. If you have been putting of dental work from dental anxiety or a fear of dental treatment, you can make a change to improve your life and smile now.

Conclusions – Fear of dentists

There may be various reasons on the need for sedation dentistry including dental anxiety, dental phobia, low pain tolerance or having major complex dental treatments. Your oral surgeon may advise on different level sedations based on needs and type of treatment done.

There are 4 levels of sedations – minimal sedation with oral medications; moderate sedation using IV sedatives; deep sedation whereby you are placed in unconscious state where you can still be awaken; and general anesthesia whereby you are placed in a deep sleep without knowledge of treatment.

BIDH dental hospital provides advance and premium facilities to cater to our patients on dental fear and dental anxiety options and for their dental needs. Packages on the costs of sedation options can be further enquired with our customer care team.

Oral Surgery Treatments opted with Dental Sedation Services

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Teeth Extractions & Surgical Tooth Extractions

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Dental Implant Post Surgery



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Maxillofacial jaw surgery

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