IV Sedation

Intravenous (IV) sedation is sometimes known as twilight sedation. During IV sedation, anti-anxiety medication is administered through your blood during dental treatment. The medication places you in a relaxed and peaceful state but you are still conscious. Your re-collection of the dental treatment procedure will be vague. At BIDH dental implant center, your anesthesiologist will be present throught the IV moderate sedation process.

Benefits of Twilight Sedation by IV

  • As compared to oral sedation, sedatives through the bloodstream or IV is more quickly acheived and more effective. Its dosage may be easily controlled and adjusted.
  • IV sedation does not affect your body processes, therefore you are able to breathe or move by yourself. The sedation and medications only eliminates your ability to feel pain and places you in a dazed state. Your anesthesiologist  can also more easily identify any possible abnormalities for any required swift response.
  • Unlike general anesthesia where you are unconscious, your dentist can perform multiple procedures with your input whilst reducing the dental fear or anxiety related to the dental treatment.
  • There is also less side effects compared to general anesthesia after the procedure.
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Your risk of complications is more closely related to you general physical health relative to the type of anesthesia opted.

Studies has shown that IV sedation for dental treatments with intravenous midazolam and fentanyl sedation are mostly minor and can be successfully managed with no prolonged effect and are in general safe.

IV Sedation Procedure

Strict sedative dentistry workflow procedure based on American Society of Anesthesiologist (ASA) are consistently followed at BIDH bangok dental center. All our sedative dentistry cases are looked after by a anesthesiologist doctor and registered nurses that has been trained to take care sedation cases and are prepared for emergency situation.

1. Assessment and Sedation Arrangement

Before the any type of sedation is done, your dentist will determine if there is a real need for moderate sedation. If opted, you are referred to an anesthesiologist doctor for a general health assessment to ensure you suited for twilight sedation by IV. When your lab and assessment reports is clear for twilight sedation, your dental treatment appointment is booked.

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2. Patient preparation

Before the day of dental treatment, you may be instructed by your doctor not to consume certain foods or medication. You are advised to have a companion with you after discharge from sedation and dental treatment for the first 24 hours.

On your actual day of appointment before dental treatment is started, you will always meet our anesthesiologist doctor who will discuss and walk you through the sedation proess. Monitoring and emergency equipment is brought into the dental treatment room. Our registered nurses wipes a numbing cream or gel onto the hand or arm if you have a fear of needles. A very thin needle is then inserted into a vein on your hand or arm that connected to an intravenous tube.

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3. Care during IV Sedation

When your dentist is ready, your anesthesiologist measures and adminsters the sedative medication dosage into your bloodstream via the intravenous tube. Your anesthesialogist and nurse will continously monitored your consciousness level, blood oxygenation saturation, ventilation and respiratory rate, blood pressure and heart rate at regular intervals during the whole dental treatment process.

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3. Care after surgery and dental sedation

After dental treatments is complete, your anaesthesialogist checks if you are in a fully conscious state for discharge. Only if additional monitoring is required, you may be moved to a post care unit  (PACU) on level 2 at BIDH dental hospital. Otherwise, when all is well, your anesthesiologist doctor signs you off to return home with your companion.


How long does it take for IV sedation to be removed out of your body system?

The majority of people feels fine immediately after treatment and when th IV sedation wears off. It can sometimes takes aroud 24-48 hours for the medications to fully exit out of your system. You are thus recommended for plenty of rest after any sedation dentistry.

What are the side effects of IV Sedation?

IV sedation is deeper than oral sedation but lighter than general anesthesia. The side effects may include :

  • Drowsiness and sleepiness
  • Dry mouth.
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Tearing up of eyes
  • Headaches
  • memory loss, you may realize or re-collect the events day of treatment. Partial or full memory loss may occur for several hours following anesthesia.

Sources :

  • Complications associated with intravenous; by Saiso, Adnonla,Munsil, Apipan,Rummasak and Wongsirichat, NCIB

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Why should you choose BIDH thailand dental center for sedative dentistry?

Hospital-based Patient Safety Standards 

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Having sedation dentistry assures on patient safety. As BIDH dental hospital is a licensed hospital, its sterilization and treatment standards surpasses that of a dental clinic. We abide by international patients safety goals and we have a quality team that specially manages, trains and monitors on quality, infection prevent and control indicators. This ensure our patients are professionally treated consistently.

Sedation can be a critical procedure. To assure that you are in safe hands, the safety standards of your selected medical provider and the qualifications of your doctors with a valid clear license is important that we verify for at our dental hospital.

Licensed Anesthesiologist and Registered Nurses


BIDH prides itself on having a top dental team. We select our dentists, doctors and nurses based on their certification and skilled experienced. Our anesthesiologist doctor is anesthesiologist board certified and our registerd nurses are instructed on emergency care.

Each of oral surgeons and implantologists at BIDH dental sedation clinic hospital has more than 10 years of experience. Many are international speakers and dental experts in their field of specializations who lecturers and trains other dentists within Thailand.

Specially Designed Operating Theatres for Dentistry and Oral Surgeries

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Our operating theatre at BIDH dental hospital is specially designed for dentistry and oral surgeries. We following hospital standards on clean zones, sterilization and are fully-equipped for emergency situations with trained ACLS nurses.

As a specialist hospital, we focus solely on one medical area - excellence in dentistry. Part of Thailand's largest and award-winning dental network group, we have consolidated know-how across the dental sector with first-rate resources to be the best at what we do at our dental sedation clinic department.

One-Stop Dental Service Center

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Our dental sedation services, oral surgery and dental implant center is a one-stop dental center. We provide a weide full range of dental services engaging Thailand's premier elites specialists.

BIDH dental hospital has its own dedicated on-site ceramic dental laboratory within its dental building. This shortern treatment timings as prostheses teeth work can be controlled, adjusted and delivered for you without queues. Regardless of surgical and aesthetic dental treatment. We service our patients as effiicent to the best of our abilities as possible.

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Make an advance appointment to enquire if moderate sedation with IV is approprite for you or dental anxiety needs.

IV Dental Sedation by Anaesthesiologist

Listen to our anaesthesiologist at BIDH Implant and oral dental clinic on the uses of having intravenous sedation. For individuals with a dental fear or dental anxiety, moderate to deep IV sedations options can help to address your concerns.

Dental Sedation Options

Conclusions – Twilight dentistry

BIDH sedation dentistry center treats patients with dental fear or who are scared of of dentists with IV sedation. IV sedations can provide for many benefits as compared to oral sedation or general anesthesia.

Your dentist and anesthesiologist assesses you before IV sedation. The acutal sedation procedure is done in the treatment room with your dentist, doctor, nurse and dental assistants. Your vital signs are monitored throughout the dental sedation process.

BIDH dental hospital in a leading oral and dental implant center in Thailand. IV sedation is suited for mutliple procedure dental treatments including oral surgery treatments, root canal treatment or periodontal treatments.

sedation dentistry options

Dental sedation options offered BIDH thailand dental center.

Mimimal sedation

Oral sedation whereby you conscious and in a relaxed state.

Moderate sedation

Intravenous (IV) sedation is a sem-conscious or twilight state

Deep Sedation and GA

In a deep sleep and in an unconscious state.