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How are dental implant treatments done?

Having dental implant treatment is relatively straight-forward with today’s tooth implant systems materials and advancements in surgical techniques compiled over the past 50 years. Tooth replacement implant treatments is done in easy simple steps.

Dental implants treatments are general done in 2 stages.

  1. 1st stge  : dental implant posts surgery
  2. 2nd stage : fitting of prostheses over implant posts
  1. Stage 1 – Visit 1: X-ray & Treatment Plan

    Your dentist takes panoramic x-ray and sometimes a CT scan of your missing tooth bone area. Your dental implants options, benefits, risks and sedation options is discussed. On confirming your dental treatment plan, your implant surgery visit is arranged along with your sedation option.Dental x-rays

  2. Stage 1 – Visit 2 : Dental Implant Sedation Preparation (Optional)

    If opting for IV sedation or general anaesthesia (GA), additional preparatory steps by your dentist or anaesthesia doctor will be required on possible health checks and medication. If dental implant treatments is done under local anaesthesia (LA), there is no prerequisite steps.intravenous IV sedation

  3. Stage 1 – Visit 2 : Dental Implant Post Surgery

    During the actual implantpost surgery visit, your dentist or anaesthesialogist administers sedation. Thereafter, the tooth implant posts are placed into the jaw bone. Your gums are stitched and a healing cap is capped over the implant post. dentist in thailand

  4. Stage 1 – Visit 3 : Check on Dental Implant Posts

    After round 7 days after your implant post surgery, your dentist typically arranges a followup visit to check the implant and gums site. With sufficient healing, stitches over gums may be removed at this stage. The implant post is left to fuse with your jaw bone, called osseointegration, for about 2 to 6 months.oral surgeon thailand

  5. Stage 2 – Visit 4 : Impression for Prosthese

    After the osseointegration period, your dentist takes a panoramic x-ray to check that the tooth implant posts has properly healed with your jaw bone. When ready, your dentist unscrews the healing cap over your implant posts and places on an implant abutment. An tooth impression is taken to fabricate your prostheses or false teeth (crowns, bridge or dentures). The impression is sent to a dental laboratory where your new set of teeth is implant system

  6. Stage 2 – Visit 5 : Fitting of Implant Prosthese

    Upon delivery of the protheses, your dentist fits the false teeth over the implant posts. If the prosthese fits well, it is permamently glued or attached onto your implant posts. The prostheses may be adjusted with additional visits if the fit is not perfect prior to permamently securing over the implant posts.oral sedation

  7. Stage 2 – Visit 6 : Checking and Maintenance of Prostheses

    To ensure that your dental implant treatment is successful, your dentist may request a recall visit to check that the implant protheses is functioning well. Periodic visits may be required to check, clean and maintain your tooth implants to enable it to last over your center bangkok


dental Implant Clinic

Why should you choose BIDH thailand dental implant center for your dental implants?

best dentists

All our implantoloigsts have more than 10 years of experience in their field specialization. The majority of implant dentists are overseas certified from Germany, UK or USA. Many of them are lecturers at top dental school universities in Thailand. They teach other dentists on advance implant techniques. BIDH implantologists and prosthodontists are amongst the top dental specialists in Thailand. Our dentists treats single, multiple to full arch dental implants cases.

BIDH dental hospital supports dental training. Our dental hospital hosts peridontic implant technique training sessions to dentists across Thailand. It has colloborates with local universities as a center of excellence in dentistry.

bangkok implant center

BIDH thailand dental implant center has one of the top team of implant dentists. Our team has treated hundreds of thousands of dental implants - single implant crowns, implant bridges to full mouth implant dentures and All-on-4 implants with bonegrafts. Our implantologist team composes of ITI (International Team of Implantolgy) scholar and lead speakers. Our dental clinic and team is won awards as a preferred provider for Straumann implants. 

The implant success rate at our bangkok dental hospital boasts more than 95%, surpassing that of global benchmarks. Our leading implant center uses reliable implant systems from Switzerland and Sweden/USA with top specialists at an affordable rate.

pain free dental treatment

If you are anxious about having dental treatments or have a low tolerance for pain, BIDH dental hospital offers various sedation dentistry options. Pain control medications is controlled, monitored, adjusted and checked during the whole process by a licensed anaesthesiologist doctor and registered nurses.


You can choose mild sedation whereby you feel relaxed whilst still being awake; moderate sedation using IV whereby you are placed in a semi-concious but is still responsive; deep sedation at the edge of consciousness but may be still be awaken; or under general anaesthesia or sleep dentistry whereby you will not have any re-collection of your denta implant or oral surgery treatment.

tooth implant lab

We are one of the few dental clinics in thailand with our own on-site full-fledged digitalized dental implant lab. Our dental implant treatment procedures can and do use digitalized flow systems from digitalized x-rays, computerized implant planning, to 3D printing of surgical template for your first stage implant. During your second stage implant treatment. digital intra-oral scanners and CAD/CAM milling machines construct and fabricate your abutments and customized all ceramic crowns.

We can customized your Straumann abutments at any angulation for better precision fit and optimal teeth aesthetics. An on-site lab allows shorter treatment timings, better quality controls on your teeth appearance. Your prosthodontist is able to specify and adjust your teeth color aesthetics (shape, size, color of teeth) with your lab technician directly. Your false teeth therefore looks more natural like your real teeth. 

sedation dentistry

As a hospital, we abide by strict and high controls for infection prevention ad control. Sterilization quality and patient safety is a mandatory part of our operations.

BIDH thailand dental implant center is a specialty hospital. Our dental building is designed during its design phase as a dental hospital. Facilities, technologies, workflow systems to therefore catered specifically for dental treatments. We follow international standards. BIDH bangkok dental is one of Thailand's first offical dental hospital.

trusted dental clinics

BIDH bangkok dental hospital is part of Thailand's largest and trusted dental clinic network group in Thailand. We are listed on the stock exchange of Thailand with  a transparent systems for governances and treatment fees. All our prices are standardized and non-discriminatory. Our dental clinc network group manages award-winning dental clinics and centers in Bangkok, Chiang mai and Phuket.

Established for more than over a 15 years within the dental sector, our dental group pulls the best of dentistry resources, know-how and skills within our dental hospital, dental center and dental clinics. 


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