types of Bone grafts

Reasons you may need to have bone grafts include
  1. There is insufficient bone to hold a dental implant post in replacing missing teeth.
  2. Advance gum disease has caused the jaw bone to recede leading to deep pockets within your gums.
  3. Development defects requiring supplement of bone.
  4. Facial injury or trauma whereby bone is required to replace bone loss or fracture.

There are basically 3 types of bone grafts procedures:

  1. Bone grafts with synthetic bone material : for minor to moderate bone loss
  2. Bone grafts with own donor bone : for moderate to major bone loss 
  3. Sinus lifts : done only for upper jaw area to enable implant post placement
minor bone grafts

Minor Bone Grafts

Most cases patients treated for bonegrafts are minor bonegrafts whereby synthetic or processed bone that comes in bottles are added into the area. Normal monior bone graft procedures may be done during the same surgical visit when teeth  are extracted or when dental implant posts are placed. 

bone grafts

Block Bone Grafts

When mutliple teeth are left missing over time, jaw bone starts to resorb. Block bone grafts are done whereby a large bone is taken from another part of your body to replace the missing jaw bone area. Severe bone loss is normally apparent in the posterior areas relatively to front areas.


Sinus Lifts

Sinus lift is a procedure that is done only on upper jaw bone at the posterior area nearby premolar and molar teeth. The procedures lifts the sinus membrane and placing bone graft materials in order to hold a dental implant post into place.

bone grafts materials

The majority of cases treated at BIDH oral surgery center are minor dental bone graft that is relatively straight-forward and takes just a one visit session easily done like any normal dental procedure.

The  types of dental bone graft bone materials used are :

  1. Alloplast : made from calcium phosphate or ceramics
  2. XenoGraft : bone cleaned, processed and sterilized taken from different donor species.
  3. Autograft : bone taken from another area of your own body such jaw, hips, pelvis or wrist. 
  4. Allografts : bone cleaned, processed and sterilized taken from after human donor bone / cadaver. 

Regardless of whether a minor bonegraft, block bonegraft or sinus lift procedure is required, your dentist may choose autograft, an allograft, a xenograft, an alloplast bone material. Typically for more severe cases with large bone loss, a larger volume or chunk of bone is required, autografts or allografts may be recommended. The type of bone material for your teeth bone graft will vary with complex and need for your case.

What are the bone grafts cost?

If bone grafts is required for your case, an x-ray is normally first taken to determine the required bonegraft procedure (minor bonegrafts, block bonegrafts or sinus lifts) and the sizing as well as positioning of bonegrafts.  

At BIDH dental hospital, the total costs for teeth bone grafts will need to ba added together on 

  1. X-ray imaging
  2. Bonegrafting or sinus lift surgery
  3. Bone material (cost per bottle x number of bottles used)
  4. Membrane (cost per sheet x number of sheet used)
  5. Medications (antibiotics and pain relief)

If you are anxious of dental treatments or pain, additional dental sedation option for IV sedation or general anesthesia may be opted separately that is optional. Otherwise the bone graft procedure is treated under local anasthesia that is already inclusive within the bonegraft or sinus lift surgery fees. 

intravenous sedation

Diagnoses and Treatment Plan

  1. Panoramic x-ray is taken to check overall oral condition
  2. CT Scan (taken only for complicated bone grafts cases)
  3. If patient is anxious or fearful of pain, sedative dentistry may be opted (optional)
dentist thailand

Bone graft procedure

  1. Bone graft or sinus lift surgery
  2. Costs of bone material (by number of bottles used); if bone is taken from your own body, there wll no cost of bone material
  3. Healing membrane placed to hold and promote bone growth 
  4. Medications costs

Bone grafts Recovery

Your dentist will likely recommend you to rest for the first few day after having bonegrafting proceudre done. The healing period for bonegrafts may be around 2 to 6 months upwards varying with the complexity of bone graft procedure. 

Bone graft Pain

You may expect some discomfort of pain after bone grafts especially if you have had a block bonegraft done. It is normal that you may feel swollen or some bruising during the first few days that is temporary and will improve. 

Bone grafts Complications

Your oral surgeon will inform you of possible risks and complications for bone grafts as with any medical surgery procedure done. This may include:
  • Possible infection whereby antibiotics is normaly administered to preventbacterial infection and to enhance collagen formation
  • There is a risk of opening of the incision line, dehiscence of the wound and graft movement, bone fracture, nerve malfunction or loss of a portion of the bone graft
  • Bleeding can occur post surgery. This normally stops after a while. If there are signs of heavy or continuous bleeding from the bonegraft site, please contact your dentist immediately.

Dental Bone Grafts Aftercare

After having dental bone graft, below are post surgery care instructions:

  • If feeling any pain, take administered pain relieve medications and place ice or cool pack over the affected area to keep the swelling down.
  • Care is required while you recover with restricting to liquid diets or soft foods during recovery. Do you eat anything hard or crunchy over the surgical site.
  • You may need to keep your head elevated when sleep to prevent swelling
  • Avoid strenuous activity for a first few days to weeks.

Oral Surgery Center

Why should you choose BIDH thailand oral surgery clinic for your oral surgery treatments?

implant dentist

Each of our oral surgons and implantologists have more than a decade of treatet experience trained from Germany, UK or USA. Many of our oral surgeons are professors and lecturers who teach at Thailand's best dental schools. Our dentists has treats thouands of cases including complex and advance surgical teeth extractions, biopsies, full mouth dental implants and orthognatic surgeries.


Unlike the pasts, having oral surgery treatments has become quicker, simply and less invasive. Because BIDH dental hospital has a top tier team or oral surgeons and specialists, this assures you for an effective, efficient treatment. Treatment and diagnoses are done right the first time –  properly, safely and correctly. Havinv qualified and skilled dentists means there is less margin of risks and you have access to the latest techniques and developments.

deep sedation

BIDH dental hospital is one of the few dental centers in Thailand that offers safe sedation dentistry options for pain control and anxiety. If you have a phobia of dental treatment, sedation methods may be administered that is monitored by our registered nurses or licensed anaesthesiologist doctor. This assures with patient safety. We do not perform gas or uncontrolled sedation options that dental clinics may risks doing and have strict polices on quality and hospital safety.

You can choose mild sedation with oral medications to feel more relaxed but you are awake; moderate sedation with Intravenous (IV) sedation so you are placed in a semi-concious state but is still able to respond; or in deep sedation under general anaesthesia where you will not have any re-collection of your oral surgery.

dental implant care

As a dental hospital, we specialize only on dentistry. Dentistry is at the core of our operations whereby our medical care staff performs only dental treatments day in and day out. This enables us to be an expert at our area of expertises.

BIDH dental hospital uses strict and high controls for infection prevention and controls. Sterilization quality and patient safety is a mandatory part of our operations. We follow international standards. BIDH bangkok dental is one of Thailand's first offical dental hospital.

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BIDH thailand oral surgery center has one of the top team of oral surgeons. Our oral surgeon team consists of award-receiving dentists in oral cancer care and treatment. Our implantologist team composes of ITI (International Team of Implantolgy) scholars and lead international speakers.

As as dental hospital, we track our oral surgery success rate and infection rates to ensure that our patients are consistently taken care for by our dentists, nurses and staff. 

dental treatment room

We are one of the first and few dental center in thailand with an operating theatre (OR) specificially designed and catered for oral surgeries. Our operating theatre room follows controlled sterilization flows and strict processes and is equiped with emergency life-saving equipment.  Our dental building is designed during its design phase as a dental hospital. Facilities, technologies, workflow systems to therefore catered specifically for dental treatments.


During and after all oral surgery treatments, international patient safety goals (IPSGs) and instrument preparations are checked and accounted for by registered nurses, doctors and dental assistance.  

award oral surgery center

BIDH bangkok dental hospital is part of Thailand's largest and trusted dental clinic network group in Thailand. We are listed on the stock exchange of Thailand with  a transparent systems for governances and treatment fees. All our prices are standardized and non-discriminatory. Our dental clinc network group manages award-winning dental clinics and centers in Bangkok, Chiang mai and Phuket.

Established for more than over a 15 years within the dental sector, our dental group pulls the best of dentistry resources, know-how and skills within our dental hospital, dental center and dental clinics.

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Conclusions – Bone Grafts

Bone grafts and sinus lifts are done when there is insufficient bone in an area. It is commonly done when having dental implant treatment when there is bone loss. For minor bonegrafts, bone is replenished with bottles of synthetic or processed bone. For major bonegrafts, a block bone is taken from other parts of your own body to replace missing bone.
The costs and healing period for your bone graft procedures is based on the complexity of your bonegrafts. Costs will normally include x-ray imaging, cost of bonegraft surgery, the bonegraft materials and membranes used to hold and promote bone growth.
If choosing bone grafts at BIDH thailand oral surgery clinic, you are able to opt for sedation dentistry on the use of IV sedation, general anesthesia (GA) for individuals who are afraid of dental treatments or have a low tolerance to pain. BIDH has a leading team of oral surgeons who are well-experienced and treats complex cases.

Surgical Tooth Removal

  • Surgical teeth extraction
  • Wisdom tooth extraction
  • Normal tooth removal

Dental Implants

  • single missing tooth replacement
  • several missing teeth replacement
  • edentulous jaw or no teeth

Jaw Surgery

  • Orthognathic surgery with orthodontic braces treatment


  • Oral biopsy to investigate tissue