Oral surgery Center

Oral surgery refers to any surgical treatment performed in or around your mouth and jaw. There are many types of oral surgeries. Surgical procedures can be a tooth removal, a root canal, re-positioning of the jaw or in some instances the removal of a tumor. At BIDH dental hospital, we work by dental specialist specialists system. Oral surgeries may be treated by one or a number of different kinds of dental specialists including oral surgeons, endodontists, periodontists and prosthodontists.

When do I need oral surgery?

You will referred to an oral surgeon or dental specialists if your required concern area or procedures goes beyond the expertise of a general dentist or is complex. If your wisdom teeth are impacted, an oral surgeon will have the required experience, knowledge and safety to ensure your tooth is removed effectively. If you suffer from gum disease and require a gum graft, a periodontist that specializes in gums takes over in ensuring your gums are properly treated using the latest techniques.

Depending on what is your concern area, your treatment may be referred to the dental expert who specializes in that specific field. Therefore, for dental implants your first phase dental implant surgery posts placement may be performed by an implantologist who checks on implant positions to nerves and bone tissues; whilst your second phase prosthese over implant is done by a prosthodontist who are specially trained to look at proper occlusional bite and fabricating teeth aesthetics.

Our one-stop dental specialist referral system at BIDH bangkok dental center allows for efficient, effective and safe treatment by top dentists and experts in each specialization area.

Pain-free Dentistry with General Anesthesia Sedation Option

BIDH dental hospital is one of the few dental center in Thailand with an operating theatre (OR) specifically designed for dentistry and oral surgery treatments. The OR room follows Joint Commission International (JCI) international standards. All our sedation cases are treated by a fully licensed anaesthesiologist doctor and care for by hospital registered nurse. This assures our patients strict safety when undergoing mild or deep sedation.

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Oral surgery Center Treatments

At our oral surgery center, our various dental specialists manage various teeth conditions. Common surgical treatments treated by our certified oral surgeons include:

  1. Impacted wisdom teeth removal, surgical teeth removal and normal teeth extractions
  2. Tooth implants and bonegrafts
  3. Biopsy in checking for abnormal growth and oral cancer
  4. Jaw surgery for oral and maxillofacial surgery

Other dental specialists aside from oral surgeons do and can perform oral surgical treatments as well. Dental experts on gums or periodontists treats peridontal surgeries and gum graft; and endodontists performs endo-surgeries for tooth root problems.

At BIDH oral surgery center, we assign privildges on delinates complex surgical treatments to each group of specialists to ensure that proper diagnoses, treatment and good skill is applied in managing and treating oral surgical cases. Regardless simple or complex, each of our patients is cared for in detail with patient safety, sterilization and infection prevention and controls focus at the core of our operations.

Surgical tooth extractions

Teeth extraction is done to remove teeth that can no longer by retained. When teeth are embed under the gums or impacts to adjacent teethteeth removal becomes complex that requires the skills and knowledge of an oral surgeon’s skill. Wisdom teeth commonly require surgical tooth extractions.

Dental Implants

Dental implants replace missing teeth. Implants are done in 2 phases. During the 1st surgical phase, the implant post is surgically inserted into the jaw bone. After a certain healing period, the prothese (crown, bridge, dentures) is built and fitted over the implant post.


When there is insufficient bone, bonegrafts are done as a preliminary step to facilitate sufficient volume. Bonegrafts may be used to fill deep pockets or done prior to dental implants. The jaw bone can then properly osseointegrate with the dental implant posts that holds the false teeth.

Maxillofacial jaw surgery

For individuals with severe jaw malocclusions, orthodontics appliances may not correct skeletal irregularities. Jaw surgery is done to re-position upper, lower or both arches to change overall facial aesthetics, symmetry and smile.


Biopsies involves the extraction of sample tissues for examination to determine the presence or extent of a disease. It is normally performed to check for possible oral cancer or inflammatory conditions. An oral surgeon removes the tissue is it is examined by a pathologist that reports observations back.

Oral Surgery methodology

Local anaesthesia is normally used for the majority of oral surgery cases. During teeth removal or dental implant treatment, your oral surgeon numbs the surrounding area then administers local anaethesia (LA) into the gum areas. Your dentist checks that you do not feel anything around the area before starting any oral surgery procedure. Sometimes, several doses may be used at adjoining region in jaw to ensure you do not feel any pain.

Should you feel any discomfort, anxiety or concerns before or during dental treatment at anytime, please do not hesitate to highlight this to your dentist or staff. You can raise your hand up to signal to our medical staff during treatment. Our dental specialists are friendly and always open to listen, they can then make any corresponding adjustments or take additional precautions in caring for you.

No sedation

tooth implant procedure

Local anaesthesia

Oral surgery treatments are most commonly under local anaesthesia. The majorify of individuals undergoing standard teeth extraction, dental implants, root canal treatment or gum grafts uses local anaesthesia without any need for special sedation. Dental techniques, technologies and materials has evolved over time that now enables oral surgies to be done much faster, less invasive and without pain. Local anasthesia drugs are effective and administered doses can be controlled and adjusted according to your pain tolerance levels.

If you require additional pain management, you may are to have oral surgery performed under 3 levels of sedation.

  1. Mild sedation using oral medications whereby you are placed in relaxed state.
  2. Moderate sedation using IV sedation or intravenous sedation.
  3. General anaesthesia or deep sleep dentistry

Mild sedation

Oral sedatives

If you have some anxiety about having oral surgery may opt for simple oral sedatives. Medication is taken prior to the start of of your surgical procedure and monitored by our registered nurses. You are still fully awake but will be placed in a more relaxed state.

Moderate sedation

IV sedation

For dental anxiety patients, intravenous sedation (IV) is a seation option that enables your anesthesiologist doctor to carefully administer and control the amount of sedation given. You are therefore placed in a semi-conscious state whereby you are still able to response to your dentist but unaware of having dental treatments.

Deep sedation

Sleep dentistry

Individuals for have dental phobia or major oral surgery are placed to sleep with general anesthesia. You have no memory and re-collection of having oral surgery done. Our anesthesiologist and full dental nurse teams meticulous monitors and watches you throughtout treatment whilst your oral surgeon or dental specialists performs your dental treatment.

Oral surgery Prices

Most oral surgery treatments will always start of with an actual examination followed by some form of x-ray imaging to check the internal oral conditions. Types of imaging used for diagnoses include:

  1. Large x-rays : panoramic and cephalometric x-rays
  2. Small x-rays : pericipal x-rays
  3. CT Scan : 3-dimension digital scans

At BIDH dental hospitals, all our x-ray imaging are digitalized. We use Planmeca digital x-rays units that provides one of the world’s lowest dose exposure. Reducing radiation exposure of up to 80% of as compared to conventional film x-rays. BIDH oral surgey center deliberately uses the latest and top range diagnostic technologies with a focus on sterilization designs and patient safety when we select our dental source specifications.

dental surgery center

Panoramic X-ray

The large panraomic x-ray (OPG) provides you with a full view of all teeth. Your dentists can check tooth and bone conditions under gums to detect decays or concern areas. Panoramic x-rays are commonly take during a checkup and consultation visit. Cephalometric x-rays takes your side

dental center oral surgery

Pericipal X-ray

Small x-rays checks only a certain tooth area. They provide a zoom-in look at specific area of concern. It is commonly taken for teeth extractions, wisdom tooth removal, root canal treatments or if you dentist suspects decay only at one area.

dental center tooth implants

3D CT Scan

A 3-dimension imaging is normally done for dental implants and jaw surgery treatments. 3D scans enables your dentist to view both the height and width of hard jaw bone to check on bone condition. This enables your dentist to plan on implant placement

dental clinic oral surgery

Cephalometric X-ray

The large cephalometric  x-ray (Celp) gives a side profile full view of your upper and lower jaw. Cephalometric  x-rays are taken for orthognatic surgery and orthodontic treatment because your dentist can see the bite relations and jaw function between you upper and lower jaw.

Oral Surgery Center

Why should you choose BIDH oral surgery center for your oral surgery?

Leading Oral Surgeons and Implantologists Team


Each of our oral surgeons and implantoloigsts at BIDH oral surgery center have more than 10 years of experience in their field of expertise(s). Many of our dental speciaists are board certified specialists from Germany, UK or USA. This means that your specialists are able to treat patients in overseas countries. Our implantologists are professors at top local dental schools at universities in Thailand. BIDH’s team of oral surgeon and orthodontists are one of the few teams in Thailand with the experience and capability to perform jaw surgeries, complex teeth removal under general anaesthesia and full mouth oral implants cases.

Because BIDH dental hospital has a top tier team or oral surgeons and specialists, your oral surgery treatment are performed only by well-experienced and skilled dental experts. This assures you for an effective, efficient treatment. Treatment and diagnoses are done right the first time –  properly, safely and correctly. Having qualified and skilled dentists means there is less margin of risks and you have access to the latest techniques and developments.

Sleep dentistry and Sedation Options

sedation dentistry

BIDH dental hospital has been specially designed with operating rooms (OR) for oral surgery. We are one of the few centers in Thailand that offers safe general anaesthesia, IV sedation and pain management to our patients.


We follow American standards for anaesthesia process and have a post-care anaesthesia unit. Dental sedation within our dental treatment rooms and in the OR are always continously watched and montiored by a licensed anaesthesiologist doctor and registered nurses to ensure patient safety at all times.

Hospital-based Patient Safety Standards 

dental implant care

Bangkok International Dental Hospital (BIDH) is a full-fledged licensed dental hospital. It surpasses beyond a dental clinic, dental center or general hospital with a dental department in that we are a hospital that focuses only on one stream of specialists – excellence in dentistry.

International patients safety standards, treatment, quality and infection prevent and control is conscientiously observed at our dental hospital. Our dental building is pre-concepted from start to function as a dental hospital. All facilities, suction and sterilization flow had been accounted and pre-concieved Joint Commission International (JCI) and International Standard (ISO).

Reliable and trusted Dental Network Group

award oral surgery center

BIDH and its group of dental clinics are proud to have received prestigous awards and achievements. Our dental group has attain may of the FIRSTs within the dental service provision sector including receiving the Prime Minister Award for outstanding dental service provider, Baipo Business awards and the Asia Pacific health and travel awards.


As many of international speakers and experts in their speciality, our team of implantologist and oral surgeon are the firsts in Thailand to successfully use advance material and techniques on SLActive surfaces implants and BLX immediate ProArch implants.

Advance Technologies and State-Of-The-Art Operating Theatre

dental treatment room

Unlike the pasts, having oral surgery treatments has become quicker, simply and less invasive. We are one of the first and few dental center in thailand with an operating theatre (OR) specificially designed and catered for oral surgeries. Our operating theatre room follows controlled sterilization flows and strict processes and is equiped with emergency life-saving equipment.  Our dental building is designed during its design phase as a dental hospital. Facilities, technologies, workflow systems to therefore catered specifically for dental treatments.

During and after all oral surgery treatments, international patient safety goals (IPSGs) and instrument preparations are checked and accounted for by registered nurses, doctors and dental assistance.  Our dental center surpasses the global benchmark for oral surgery non-infection rates. With more than 95% being successful treatments without issues over a 30 days followup period.

Shorter Treatment Timings with On-site Dental Lab

thailand dental center

BIDH dental group has dedicated digital dental laboratories within its dental hospital. Our dental lab is at the fore-front of digitalized technologies integrating streamlined workflows end-to-end to enable shorter treatment timings, better aesthetics with high ceramic strength and better precision margin details.


We are one of the few dental clinics to customized your implant abutments using digital design. CAD/CAM units mills your all ceramic crowns and bridge. Skilled artistic aesthetics is possible with on-site lab technicians that doe layering transluency on your teeth for a natural-looking shine and look.

complimentary consultation

Make an advance appointment for a treatment plan with our dentists. There is no obligation to start treatment. Find out what treatment is specific to you.

Conclusion – Oral Surgery

The field of oral and maxillofacial surgery typically combines dental, medical and surgical expertises. After completing a basic Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree as a general dentists, oral surgeons normally take another additional 2 to 4 years to attain comprehensive training program on oral surgery before taking an oral surgery board certification. Oral surgeons and implantologists are therefore dental specialists who have the knowledge and skills sets to handle advance surgical teeth extractions, wisdom teeth removals, bonegrafting, gum grafting, first stage dental implant surgeries, biopsies or maxillofacial jaw surgeries.

BIDH dental hospital in one of Thailand’s leading oral surgery center. With a specially design oral surgery operating theatre for dentistry. BIDH’s conglomerate dental group has compiled its established know-how in providing one of the best oral care in the region. This is earned the dental hospital and group numerous awards for its oustanding treatment services and professionalism.