overbite jaw surgery

Overbite Jaw Surgery

การผ่าตัดขากรรไกร กรณีฟันบนยื่นออกมาข้างหน้ามาก

Front teeth of your lower jaw lies significantly behind the front teeth of upper jaw when biting both jaws together. For some cases, the lower anterior teeth hits the soft tissue behind the upper front teeth.


Jaw Surgery Problems

Corrective jaw surgery is also know as orthognathic surgery. It is normally done inconjunction with orthodontic braces treatment. The jaw surgery process requires long-term per treatment planning between your maxillofacial surgery and your orthodontist in order for successful outcome in resolving bite irregularities.

การผ่าตัดแก้ไขขากรรไกร หรือเป็นที่ทราบกันว่าเป็นการผ่าตัดขากรรไกรร่วมกับการจัดฟัน (Orthognathic Surgery) ซึ่งการแก้ไขด้วยการจัดฟันเพียงอย่างเดียวอาจจะไม่ได้ผลสำเร็จมากนัก มีความจำเป็นต้องมีการผ่าตัดแก้ไขตำแหน่งของขากรรไกรที่อยู่ในจุดสบฟันที่ผิดปกติ ปรับให้มาอยู่ในตำแหน่งที่ถูกต้อง ทำให้การสบฟันและรูปหน้าดูสมดุลได้สัดส่วนที่เหมาะสม โดยเป็นการทำงานร่วมกันของทันตแพทย์จัดฟันและทันตแพทย์ผู้ทำการผ่าตัด


BIDH’s team of oral surgeon and orthodontists are one of the few teams in Thailand with the experience and capability to perform orthognathic surgeries.

ทีมศัลยแพทย์ช่องปากและทันตแพทย์จัดฟันของโรงพยาบาล BIDH เป็นหนึ่งในไม่กี่ทีมในประเทศไทยที่มีประสบการณ์และความสามารถในการผ่าตัดกระดูกและข้อ


When do you need jaw surgery?


For some individuals with severe bite malocclusions, having orthodontics appliances may not correct skeletal irregularities whereby jaw surgery may be required to change overall facial aesthetics and smile. Types of jaw surgery used to resolve malocclusions include:

สำหรับบางคนที่มีอาการกัดฟันอย่างรุนแรง การใช้วิธีการจัดฟันอาจไม่สามารถแก้ไขความผิดปกติของโครงกระดูกได้  ดังนั้นการผ่าตัดขากรรไกรอาจจำเป็น เพื่อเปลี่ยนความสวยงามบนใบหน้าและรอยยิ้มโดยรวม ประเภทของการผ่าตัดขากรรไกรที่ใช้ในการแก้ไขความผิดปกติ ได้แก่ :

Underbite Jaw Surgery

Front teeth of lower jaw are extends beyond that of upper jaw, making the lower jaw much more prominent than the upper jaw.

Problems Arising for jaw misalignment

Misaligned jaw can damage the function and aesthetic appearance of the teeth if left untreated
  1. Excessive wear of the front teeth : Expecially for overbites, anterior teeth may be worn down over time. Teeth may become sensitive or damaged by constant uneven forces wearing teeth surfaces
  2. Loose teeth : As the biting force is not spread evenly, soft tissue may be damaged in unintended places; surrounding teeth may become loose over long term in their sockets that can cause pain.
  3. Jaw and muscle pain : Misaligned teeth alters the way the facial muscles interact. The cartilage buffer between the jawbones become damaged causing headaches and pain and possible bone damage.
  4. Discomfort and chewing issues : Poor alignment can lead to difficulty of  swallowing and biting food.
  5. Self-consciousness appearance : Jaw malocclusion can affect speech and make some self-consciousness about their facial aesthetics and how they look.

Corrective jaw surgery

Before considering corrective jaw surgery, you will have to determine if it is necessary and if its benefits outweigh the risks and stress throughout the process. If corrective jaw surgery has been recommeded by your dentist, orthodontist or oral surgeon for your specific case, you need to make the decision for treatment as an informed patient.

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Jaw Surgery Benefits

Jaw problems may be from facial injury or birth defects. Corrective jaw surgery moves and aligns teeth and jaws to a more balanced, functional and healthier position.

  1. It enables and improves basic function such as chewing, speaking and breathing function.
  2. It may be used to treat an bite and jaw function that reslves malocclusion overbite, underbite
  3. It makes your apperance more attractive from receding chin and protruding jaw
  4. It may be done to treat issues including sleep apnea or jaw pain.
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Jaw Surgery Risks

During corrective jaw surgery visit itself, your oral surgeon will inform you of the various risks and exception complications that could occur. If you have any allergies or prior medical issues, it is vital to pre-inform this to your doctor. Jaw surgery is always done under general anesthesia and a health check will be required to be done before proceeding.

  1. Risks of surgery may include bleeding, infection, swelling or jaw joint pain.
  2. The need for further surgery to improve or adjust a result or relapse to original position.
  3. Feeling of numbness or tingling in various areas of your face and mouth after surgery is commonly reported, this usually goes away when swelling. subsides. it is possible that for facial numbness due to nerve damage or impact, fracture or loss of portions of jaw.

What fees are involved in Jaw surgery Cost?

Jaw Surgery Procedure

Corrective jaw surgery may involve one or both jaws. At BIDH oral surgery clinic, the corrective jaw surgery cost may be divided into 3 phases:

  1. Pre-operative Treatments : Patient and dentists does diagnosis of jaw asymmetries and deformities. The overall treatment plan between patient, orthodontist and maxillofacial oral surgeon is confirmed. Pre-surgical orthodontics is done to align arches to a stable occlusion before the start of actual corrective jaw surgery.
  2. Corrective Jaw Surgery : After pre-operative treatment is ready, the actual jaw surgery day is arranged. On jaw surgery day, general anaesthesia is administered and your oral surgeon cuts mandible and/or maxilla bone to re-positioned to the planned position.
  3. Post-operative Treatments : After actual jaw has healed to a certain extent from surgery, orthodontic braces is done to align arches to its final positions.

Stages of Jaw Surgery Cost

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Pre-operative Plan and Braces

  1. Panoramic x-ray, cephalometric x-ray and CT Scan
  2. Confirmation of overall treatment plan for pre-surgery braces, jaw surgery plan and post-surgery braces
  3. Fitting of pre-surgery braces

Jaw Surgery

  1. Panoramic x-ray, cephalometric x-ray and CT Scan
  2. Health check (referred to e done externally) to confirm patient is suited for sedation safety
  3. General Anaesthesia for Jaw Surgery
  4. Corrective Jaw Surgery
post jaw surgery braces

Post-operative Braces

  1. Panoramic and cephalometric x-ray for re-check
  2. Fitting of post-surgery braces

Jaw Surgery Recovery

The recovery period of orthognathic surgery or jaw surgery can be viewed in phases of the first few days, weeks, and months.

First Few Days

During the first week so, do expect some swelling and discomfort as your jaw has just undergone a major surgery. Instructions on how to manage or reduce discomfort will be given to you post surgery including keeping your head in an upright position as much as possible.

First Few weeks

Your oral surgeon will prescribe a customized set of medications to prevent infection, reduce pain or supplement your diet.  Eat soft and nutritious food that is easy to chew and swallow for the four weeks after surgery.

First Few Months

After about 1 to 2 month after surgery, more moderate chewing may be included to help strengthen the jaw muscle but prolonged chewing should be minimized. If doing any physical activity such as sports and exercises, a custom mouth splint should always and consistently be used during the first 2 to 4 months.

You may observe initial healing in the jaw around 2 months, but do allow your body to recover at a steady and safe pace that could take up to 4 months or more.

Oral Surgery Center

Why should you choose BIDH thailand oral surgery clinic for your oral surgery treatments?

Leading Oral Surgeons and Implantologists Team
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Each of our oral surgons and implantologists have more than a decade of treatet experience trained from Germany, UK or USA. Many of our oral surgeons are professors and lecturers who teach at Thailand's best dental schools. Our dentists has treats thouands of cases including complex and advance surgical teeth extractions, biopsies, full mouth dental implants and orthognatic surgeries.


Unlike the pasts, having oral surgery treatments has become quicker, simply and less invasive. Because BIDH dental hospital has a top tier team or oral surgeons and specialists, this assures you for an effective, efficient treatment. Treatment and diagnoses are done right the first time –  properly, safely and correctly. Havinv qualified and skilled dentists means there is less margin of risks and you have access to the latest techniques and developments.

Sleep dentistry and Sedation Options
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BIDH dental hospital is one of the few dental centers in Thailand that offers safe sedation dentistry options for pain control and anxiety. If you have a phobia of dental treatment, sedation methods may be administered that is monitored by our registered nurses or licensed anaesthesiologist doctor. This assures with patient safety. We do not perform gas or uncontrolled sedation options that dental clinics may risks doing and have strict polices on quality and hospital safety.

You can choose mild sedation with oral medications to feel more relaxed but you are awake; moderate sedation with Intravenous (IV) sedation so you are placed in a semi-concious state but is still able to respond; or in deep sedation under general anaesthesia where you will not have any re-collection of your oral surgery.

Hospital-based Patient Safety Standards
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As a dental hospital, we specialize only on dentistry. Dentistry is at the core of our operations whereby our medical care staff performs only dental treatments day in and day out. This enables us to be an expert at our area of expertises.

BIDH dental hospital uses strict and high controls for infection prevention and controls. Sterilization quality and patient safety is a mandatory part of our operations. We follow international standards. BIDH bangkok dental is one of Thailand's first offical dental hospital.

Leading Oral Surgery Center in Thailand
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BIDH thailand oral surgery center has one of the top team of oral surgeons. Our oral surgeon team consists of award-receiving dentists in oral cancer care and treatment. Our implantologist team composes of ITI (International Team of Implantolgy) scholars and lead international speakers.

As as dental hospital, we track our oral surgery success rate and infection rates to ensure that our patients are consistently taken care for by our dentists, nurses and staff. 

Advance Technologies and State-Of-The-Art Operating Theatre
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We are one of the first and few dental center in thailand with an operating theatre (OR) specificially designed and catered for oral surgeries. Our operating theatre room follows controlled sterilization flows and strict processes and is equiped with emergency life-saving equipment.  Our dental building is designed during its design phase as a dental hospital. Facilities, technologies, workflow systems to therefore catered specifically for dental treatments.


During and after all oral surgery treatments, international patient safety goals (IPSGs) and instrument preparations are checked and accounted for by registered nurses, doctors and dental assistance.  

Reliable and trusted Dental Network Group
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BIDH bangkok dental hospital is part of Thailand's largest and trusted dental clinic network group in Thailand. We are listed on the stock exchange of Thailand with  a transparent systems for governances and treatment fees. All our prices are standardized and non-discriminatory. Our dental clinc network group manages award-winning dental clinics and centers in Bangkok, Chiang mai and Phuket.

Established for more than over a 15 years within the dental sector, our dental group pulls the best of dentistry resources, know-how and skills within our dental hospital, dental center and dental clinics.

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Make an advance appointment for a treatment plan with our dentists. There is no obligation to start treatment. Find out what treatment is specific to you.

Conclusions – Corrective Jaw Surgery

Corrective jaw surgery is used to resolve severe bite malocclusions of an overbite, underbite or openbite. Jaw surgry or orthognatic surgery aims to solve functional and aesthetic appearance. Before embarking for jaw surgery, its benefits and risks will need to be weighed between you, your oral surgeon and orthodontist to make an informed decisions. Having jaw surgery can be a long and tedious procedure with various phases of jaw surgery cost involved and healing time required.

If choosing orthognathic surgery at BIDH thailand oral surgery clinic, you may need pre and post surgery sets of orthodontic braces. During actual jaw surgery, general anesthesia under sedation dentistry will be used.

Tooth Extraction

  • Surgical teeth extraction
  • Wisdom tooth extraction
  • Normal tooth removal

Bone grafts 

  • bonegrafts for dental implants
  • minor bonegrafts
  • major bonegrafts

Dental Implants

  • single missing tooth replacement
  • several missing teeth replacement
  • edentulous jaw or no teeth


  • Oral biopsy to investigate tissue