Dental Implants costs

What is the costs of dental implants in Thailand?

One of the most common questions enquired when opting for dental implant treatments in Thailand is the costs of their dental implant treatments. Why is it dental implants at some dental clinics sounds so costly, whilst other clinics seem to offer at lower rates?

Mainly, you would need to check if the quoted costs of dental implants on the website has provided you with the total costs for the full dental implant treatment, or if they have only quote for the first phase or first step of the dental implant.

To determine the cost for your dental implants treatment, you will have to first understand and find out:

  1. The general dental implant procedure. This allows to gain an insight on the standard expenses for each step.
  2. What is your dental implant option you have selected? This determines the  number of implants you require?
  3. Which dental implant brand and the specific range of implant have you chosen? There are different materials, surface and model design to an implant.
  4. Who is treating you? Most importantly, check if you are being treated by general dentist or dental specialists? General dentists with basic license degree in Thailand can legally perform implant surgery, they do not need to be a specialists.

1. What is the general dental implant procedure?

To get the standardized costs involved for any dental implant treatment

Dental implants are always in 2 basic steps regardless if it is teeth-in-one-day or conventional implants. The difference between dental implant procedure for teeth in a day and conventional implants is its timeline. The dental implant steps and standardized expenses remains the same:

  1. First phase or 1st step: dental implant post(s) placement into your jaw
  2. Second phase or 2nd step : false tooth or teeth placed over the dental implant post(s)

The costs of dental implant on our website quoted includes both 1st and 2nd phase. The listed treatment fees is the total cost for a dental implant. Payment is made in 2 separate installments for conventional implants that is used and applies to the majority of cases.

implant post surgery

1st step

Dental implant post placement

crown over implant

2nd step

False Tooth (Crown) over implant

dental implant cost

1st step

Dental implant post placement

dental implant prices

2nd step

False Teeth (Bridge) over implant

full arch teeth implant

1st step

Dental implant post placement

teeth implants for full mouth

2nd step

False Tooth (Crown) over implant

dental implant prices

1st step

Dental implant post placement

tooth implant costs

2nd step

False Teeth (Bridge) over implant

Step 1 dental implant costs

If assuming there is already a missing gap that is ready for implants, the breakdown of step 1 standard dental implants cost include:

  1. Oral examination and treatment plan (not charged at BIDH)
  2. Large panoramic x-ray to check where implant posts is to be positioned
  3. 3D CT Scan 
  4. 1st stage implant post placement * number of implants (implant options)
  5. Local anesthesia (not charged at BIDH)
  6. Healing abutment over implant post (not charged at BIDH)

At BIDH dental implant clinic, the cost of local anaesthesia and healing abutment cap not charged for. It is already inclusive the dental fees for 1st stage implant post placement that other clinics may charge separately. Checkup is complimentary at BIDH dental hospital.

For some individuals, there are other related costs that may be incurred during step 1 that does not apply to everyone:

  • Bonegrafts or sinus lift
  • Temporary protheses (bridge or dentures worn whilst waiting for healing)
  • Sedation options (GA or IV sedation)

Step 2 dental implant costs

For step 2, the false teeth is placed over the implant posts, the separated step 2 dental implants cost include:

  1. Large panoramic x-ray to check if the implant post is placed properly and bone condition 
  2. 2nd stage false teeth over implant posts
dental center tooth implants
dental implants cost

STEP 1 + STEP 2 = Total Implant Costs

To get the costs of your total dental implant treatment, you will need to add up the 2 steps of your dental implant procedure.

2. What implant option do you require?

Now that you know what costs are involved during the 1st phase and 2nd phase of implant. You need to find out what dental implant treatment option do you require to get your costs of treatment. This will depend on the number of missing teeth you have. In turn, your number of missing teeth will tell you how many implants you need.

If you have several missing teeth, your dentist will plan for implant combinations requiring the least number of implant posts taking into consideration if they are missing together in a row or in separate regions. If they are together, your prosthodontist sees if the gap is at the front or back. Your bite load pressure at the back normally is normally heavier than at the front. The number of implants planned is determined on where your missing gap is and your bone condition. Your bone will need sufficient height, volume and density for the implant post to successfully fuse with your jaw bone for secure biting load.

teeth implants cost

2 missing teeth

  • 2 dental implant + 2 crowns
teeth implant costs
dental implant bridge

3 missing teeth

  • separate areas : 3 dental implant + 3 crowns
  • together : 2 dental implant + bridge (3 unit crowns)
tooth implant crowns
tooth implant bridge
tooth implants thailand

4 missing teeth

  • separate areas : 3 dental implant + bridge (3 unit crowns) + 1 dental implant crown
  • anterior together : 2 dental implant + bridge (4 unit crowns)
  • posterior together : 3 dental implant + bridge (4 unit crowns)
tooth implant dentures

All missing teeth

Implant-supported Dentures
  • 2 implants + dentures (removable)
  • 4 implants + dentures (removable)
full jaw implant dental center

All missing teeth

  • All-on-4 : 4 implants + dentures (fixed)
  • All-on-5 : 5 implants + dentures (fixed)
  • All-on-6 : 6 implants + dentures (fixed)
dental implant bridge

All missing teeth

  • 6 implants + bridge (10 crowns)
  • 8 implants + bridge (12 crowns)
  • 8 implant + bridge (14 crowns)

3. Which dental implant brand and range have you chosen?

In Thailand, the cost per implant is based on the dental implant brand and the range within that brand that you opt for. Each dental implant brand normally has various model ranges. Dental implants may be synonymous to cars (BMW, Mercedes Benz, etc) whereby each brand may have ranges (3 series, 5 series; A-class, E-class, S-class) that differ in material, size and specifications.

Below are the 3 top dental implants systems used world-wide and at BIDH dental implant center:

  1. P-I Brånemark : made in Sweden (more)
  2. Straumann : made in Switzerland (more)
  3. SIC Invent : made in Switzerland (more)
P-I Brånemark implants

P-I Brånemark

  • P-I Brånemark Modern Morse Taper
  • P-I Brånemark Amplified®
  • P-I Brånemark External Hexagon
straumann implant center


  • Titanium SLA
  • Titanium SLActive
  • Roxolid SLA (standard for BIDH)
  • Roxolid SLActive (preferred)
  • BLX SLActive
  • Pure Ceramic
bangkok dental implant center

SIC Invent

  • SICmax (standard for BIDH)
  • SICvantage max
  • SICtapered
  • SICvatage max

What is the difference in range within each implant brand? Is there a different in the ranges?

Yes. The implant ranges differs in implant post materials, its surface coatings and implant structural design.

Implant posts material

Traditional dental implant posts material is made from titanium becuase it is biocompatible with your jaw bone and soft tissues. Prostheses used in medical devices are normally made from titanium due to its good strength and lightless in weight. Therefore, the default tooth implant post material is titanium. And all dental implant brands carries titanium implant as their standard implant posts.

Straumann, however, features a newer patented advance technology material called Roxolid implant posts. Roxolid posts combines titanium and zirconia ceramics. Its benefits on the material combination is strength and smaller size. This enable bone level implants for better aesthetic outcome.

Surface coating

Most standard dental implant has a slight roughess surface to allow natural bone to integrate with the implant posts. Material advancements has improved over the years on implant surface to facilitate your jaw bone to ‘hugs’ onto the implant posts. Dental implant systems now have ranges with a special chemical coating called ‘active” implant that promotes bone growth and shortens dental implant healing and the osseointegration processs.

Active surface implants reduces risks and improves the survival rate and success of dental implant treatment. With active surface implant, implant healing has been cut from 6 months to less than 2 months (varies with bone condition). For this reason, active implants are normally recommended for immediate implant, teeth in one day or same day implants.

Implant structure design

Each range of implants can be shaped differently. Some range have tapered cuts at the end of their implant posts for better efficiency during placement of implants into soft bone. Some implant post are designed with a narrow neck. Each range provides for certain function simliar to an airplane having various aero-dynamic shapes to improve their performance.

Most of the time, the structural implant design does not categories itself for costs difference within dental implants brands. Dental implant costs for each range is mainly based on its implant post materials and surface coating.

dental Implant Clinic

Why should you choose BIDH thailand dental implant center for your dental implants?

best dentists

All our implantoloigsts have more than 10 years of experience in their field specialization. The majority of implant dentists are overseas certified from Germany, UK or USA. Many of them are lecturers at top dental school universities in Thailand. They teach other dentists on advance implant techniques. BIDH implantologists and prosthodontists are amongst the top dental specialists in Thailand. Our dentists treats single, multiple to full arch dental implants cases.

BIDH dental hospital supports dental training. Our dental hospital hosts peridontic implant technique training sessions to dentists across Thailand. It has colloborates with local universities as a center of excellence in dentistry.

bangkok implant center

BIDH thailand dental implant center has one of the top team of implant dentists. Our team has treated hundreds of thousands of dental implants - single implant crowns, implant bridges to full mouth implant dentures and All-on-4 implants with bonegrafts. Our implantologist team composes of ITI (International Team of Implantolgy) scholar and lead speakers. Our dental clinic and team is won awards as a preferred provider for Straumann implants. 

The implant success rate at our bangkok dental hospital boasts more than 95%, surpassing that of global benchmarks. Our leading implant center uses reliable implant systems from Switzerland and Sweden/USA with top specialists at an affordable rate.

pain free dental treatment

If you are anxious about having dental treatments or have a low tolerance for pain, BIDH dental hospital offers various sedation dentistry options. Pain control medications is controlled, monitored, adjusted and checked during the whole process by a licensed anaesthesiologist doctor and registered nurses.


You can choose mild sedation whereby you feel relaxed whilst still being awake; moderate sedation using IV whereby you are placed in a semi-concious but is still responsive; deep sedation at the edge of consciousness but may be still be awaken; or under general anaesthesia or sleep dentistry whereby you will not have any re-collection of your denta implant or oral surgery treatment.

tooth implant lab

We are one of the few dental clinics in thailand with our own on-site full-fledged digitalized dental implant lab. Our dental implant treatment procedures can and do use digitalized flow systems from digitalized x-rays, computerized implant planning, to 3D printing of surgical template for your first stage implant. During your second stage implant treatment. digital intra-oral scanners and CAD/CAM milling machines construct and fabricate your abutments and customized all ceramic crowns.

We can customized your Straumann abutments at any angulation for better precision fit and optimal teeth aesthetics. An on-site lab allows shorter treatment timings, better quality controls on your teeth appearance. Your prosthodontist is able to specify and adjust your teeth color aesthetics (shape, size, color of teeth) with your lab technician directly. Your false teeth therefore looks more natural like your real teeth. 

sedation dentistry

As a hospital, we abide by strict and high controls for infection prevention ad control. Sterilization quality and patient safety is a mandatory part of our operations.

BIDH thailand dental implant center is a specialty hospital. Our dental building is designed during its design phase as a dental hospital. Facilities, technologies, workflow systems to therefore catered specifically for dental treatments. We follow international standards. BIDH bangkok dental is one of Thailand's first offical dental hospital.

trusted dental clinics

BIDH bangkok dental hospital is part of Thailand's largest and trusted dental clinic network group in Thailand. We are listed on the stock exchange of Thailand with  a transparent systems for governances and treatment fees. All our prices are standardized and non-discriminatory. Our dental clinc network group manages award-winning dental clinics and centers in Bangkok, Chiang mai and Phuket.

Established for more than over a 15 years within the dental sector, our dental group pulls the best of dentistry resources, know-how and skills within our dental hospital, dental center and dental clinics. 


Get a complimentary consult

Make a change with dental implants. There is no obligation to start treatment. Find out dental implants cost quote specific to you.

4. Who is treating you?

A big factor to consider with your costs of dental implant treatment is who is the dentists treating you. Are they a dental specialist in dental implants? Are they trained in implantology techniques? How well-experienced and skilled are they?


All dental implant cases at BIDH dental implant clinic are done only be certified and qualified implantologists, oral surgeons and prosthodontists. This ensures patient safety, high success rates and a good end result for our patients.

Having certified dentists ensures your treatment is properly diagnoses and treated for the best results without issues or causing nerve damage.

Experience and skills matters

Each of our implantologists at BIDH dental hospital has more than 10 years of experience. Many of them are professors and lecturers to other local implantologists within Thailand. BIDH has a team of top implant dentists in the country.

Having an experienced dental specialists in implantology assures your treatment is well taken care for with confidence and outcome. Aside of the base dental implant material costs, choosing a reliable practice that is sterilized and follows stric sterilization standards as well as having a good specialists all contributes to having successful dental implant treatments that lasts you a life-time.

Our Top Implantologists
tooth implant costs

Listen to our real patients

dental implant thailand

Get dental implant and oral dental treatments at BIDH dental hospital without worry on pain. With sleep dentistry options and safety in-patient facilities. You or your family member undergoing dental treatment will be taken care for by professional doctors and nurses that follows hospital standards. 

BIDH dental hospital is a specialist dental hospital that treats only dental treatment cases. This means our dentists and healthcare team are highly experienced and specialized on dentistry, utilizing and maintaining state-of-the-art techniques for safe and successful dental treatments. 

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Conclusions – Dental implants cost

To obtain your total dental implant treatment fees, you will need to include both 1st and 2nd phase of implant surgery and prosthese over implants. The costs per dental implant is dependent on the brand and the implant range that your choose. Based on your individual needs, your implantologist will recommend the number of implants for your case in getting your final treatments costs.

Aside from the cost of implant systems, other important factor to consider is choosing a certified dentist at a trusted dental practice with a clean and sterilized environment that all contributes to the final overall success and aesthetic outcome of your dental implant treatment.